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The importance of team building,


"I start with the premise that the function of leadership is to produce
more leaders not more followers."

Ralph Nader


Team Building       

is facilitated through core outdoor activities of your choice. Whether a multinational corporation or small enterprise, our role is to observe, learn about, and expose your group to team building experiences likely to elevate your organization's existing strengths.


is created through specifically designed problem solving stations with focus on process.  We believe if SYNERGY is present in the process, it will translate in goals achieved.  Our Challenge Stations are fun, short & customized to the size & ability level of our participants.

Group Dynamics   

Your organization will benefit from facilitators expertise ranging from NCCP certified sport coaches, businessmen, engineers, Olympians, home builders, managers etc.  FORWARD  PADDLE facilitators are knowledgeable, passionate and attentive to our clients needs.

Is your organization curious about it's synergy as a team?  The answer resides in the question itself. Our strategy is simple: "A return to basic principles"


If your organization already has synergy, we can help you improve your level of engagement.


This is exactly what's keeping us busy at FORWARD PADDLE


FORWARD PADDLE is a Calgary based experiential learning company.  We specialize in promoting the SET(Sustainable Engaged Teams) concept.



To find out more about your team's synergy, contact us for a FREE NO OBLIGATION  on site  consultation today.