The importance of team building,


"I start with the premise that the function of leadership is to produce
more leaders not more followers."

Ralph Nader



FORWARD PADDLE is a collective of skilled individuals from across Canada in professions ranging from Engineering,  Visual Arts, Amateur Sport Coaching, Police Force, Business Entrepreneurs, Olympic Athletes, Telecommunications, Eco-tourism, National Defense, Airline industry, Music, Railroad, Fire Fighting, Hospitality Industry,  Real Estate Development, Education  etc.

The Coaches, Facilitators, Guides and Practitioners at FORWARD PADDLE are of a rare vintage. Together they equate to a castle housing a very rich collection of fine wines.  We can say with assurance that your company will benefit from the broad skills, interests and expertise of our facilitators.   You should expect no less than a well organized, smooth delivery and rewarding experience.  We genuinely, enjoy being of service and sharing our passions with you in a positively reinforced learning environment.